MUB3 was born from the desire to preserve and share the history of the Brazilian capital market, from a powerful platform of knowledge, open to all people who are interested in the topic and research it. The collection originating from the main stock exchanges in Brazil allowed the creation of the Museum, which is now part of a network of cultural facilities in downtown São Paulo linked to Brazilian economic history, with repercussions around the country.

MUB3 is an initiative of Grupo Sintonize,a company specialized in making cultural projects feasible through tax incentive laws, and was promoted, in its first phase, through resources obtained through the Federal Cultural Incentive Law.(Law No. 8,313 , of December 23, 1991).

Sponsorship for the feasibility of the project comes from B3, whose history is linked to the formation of stock exchanges that existed in the country since the creation of the Rio de Janeiro Stock Exchange, in 1851. By sponsoring this initiative, B3 strengthens its commitment of institutional support to Brazilian culture and museums, in which has been strengthening sistematically in several and significant actions.

To be an accessible, inclusive and diverse museum that promotes knowledge and historical views on stock exchanges in Brazil, debating the present and the future through dialogue and pluralism of ideas.
To be a reference in historical and current approaches to the capital market in Brazil and its relationship with economic and social processes, as well as in the debate about its future, and to be a relevant player for the revitalization of the Historic Center of São Paulo.

  • Diverse
  • Inclusive
  • Stimulating
  • Creative
  • Dialogic
  • Digital
  • Educational
  • Innovative